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    Today, the extermination of Christian Europeans is far more advanced than in the 16th century, and the moral status of the Church is far worse. A restoration more monumental than Trent is needed and only a Pope with the faith of the  (actually) Great St. Pius V will be able to save the Church and what’s left of Catholic culture from our oppressors, because some of us, when contemplating a Catholic Europe, do not “dread the tone.”

    No, I’m not talking about me, not this time. I mean a example of an outline for a research paper in mla great man. On May 14, 1905, Joseph Timothy O’Callahan was born in Boston. To say that he was typical of the Irish working-class of the city would be true and perhaps therein lies his greatness. He had a vocation to the Jesuits, who were then still reckoned to be the cream of the crop of priests. Many a bishop felt that the Society always siphoned off the best men. In reality, the bishops had no beef because the early decades of the 20th century were a boom time for vocations in America. I have written before that Cardinal O’Connell had so many aspirants every year that he couldn’t handle them all at St. John’s Seminary. Imagine, if you will, any bishop today who had the problem of having to research paper on ares turn away prospective priests! No, I can’t either. O’Connell came up with the idea of farming out guys to the western states, and for years there was many a pastor in North Dakota and Idaho and whatnot who were originally Boston boys. Now, after the awesome improvements of Vatican II, St. John’s is a ghost town. Almost no vocations, but it’s ideal for indoor Frisbee or for listening to your own echo.

    So Joe O’Callahan went through the incredibly long and vigorous training and became a Jesuit. Like most of them, he was assigned to teach; the choices being Holy Cross in Worcester or Boston College. O’Callahan started teaching math at Holy Cross, and the legend began. He was a “star” professor, not so much because of what he said as who he was. None of the students who had him would have been surprised by his actions during the war. That was just Father O’Callahan.

    He received permission to join the Navy Chaplain Corps. This was before America jumped in and it was somewhat unusual for a Jesuit to leave academia for the service, but real men love ships and O’Callahan figured that the nation would soon be in it. He was so right. When the Philippines fell to the Japanese, it got a bit more personal because his kid sister RoseMarie was a nun working in the islands. Whether she was a captive or dead was unknown. He sailored on the how to get started writing a research paper Ranger and did his duty for all of the young men going through their ordeal of fire, but he told his mother he would try to find RoseMarie. When you’re in a unit that does the impossible as day-to-day business, you know how to get things done. He wrangled an assignment to the carrier christian worldview research paper Franklin because Big Ben was spearheading the push on Okinawa, and the sooner he got to Japan, the sooner he'd find out what happened to baby sister. By the spring of 1945 the war had reached a furious crescendo, the Japanese were desperate, and all bets were off.

    On March 19, St. Joseph’s day, a Japanese plane penetrated the destroyer picket line and managed to drop a bomb on martin scorsese research paper Franklin working mother research paper ’s flight deck. Many were killed in the explosion and subsequent fires and there was chaos on deck. Many of the officers who otherwise should have been handling the situation were dead or overboard. The admiral commanding the task force left the ship with his entourage and ordered the captain, Leslie Gehres, to abandon ship and scuttle. Gehres, who had come up through the ranks, had no intention of scuttling and when he looked down to the deck, he saw the Catholic chaplain running the show. O’Callahan had taken charge. He directed firefighting crews and played water on hot ordnance. He made a daisy chain and hurled smoking shells over the side. He told the boys not to panic and gave last rites to the injured and dying. The fires below decks continued to burn and the ship was listing badly, but the research paper data sets Franklin sailed on. When the emergency was stabilized, Father O’Callahan told the ship’s band to play, to soothe the hurt and exhausted, and made sure everyone got something to eat. Then he went below and carried charred bodies from the bowels of the ship, an horrific task, but somebody had to do it.

    Captain Gehres was not Catholic and evidently not religious at all, but he put in O’Callahan for the Medal of Honor for what he did that day. In the 1990s, I was friends with two of O’Callahan’s contemporaries, Fr. John Foley, SJ, and Fr. Bill Leonard, SJ, and I asked them about it. Father Foley said “Of course, we were all bustin’ (with pride) when we heard. Then we heard there was some trouble over it.” The trouble, it seems, was the fact that the great hero of the research paper topics about motorcycles Franklin saga was a Catholic priest, and worse yet, a dreaded how to write a closing statement for a research paper Jesuit. The Navy decided to downgrade it to the Navy Cross, which isn’t exactly chopped liver, but to his credit, Gehres, who was a bit of a maverick, made a noise about it, and the Medal of Honor was indeed awarded. There is a wonderful picture of O’Callahan getting the medal from Harry Truman, and I’ve held the decoration myself at the Holy Cross Archives

     Life after heroism is hard. O’Callahan returned to the school but was never well in the post-war years and eventually had to stop teaching. He died in 1964, only 58 years old. In a way, though, God was kind. O’Callahan was spared having to live through the revolution in the Church that began immediately after his death. It’s doubtful that he would have cheered the “reforms.” Father Leonard told me “With Joe, everything was grrrr….” Meaning, I believe, that he was tradition to his bones.

    Oh, yes, Father O’Callahan found his sister RoseMarie, too, after she had been a prisoner of war for years. I got a nice card from her aways back, and she has also since gone home to the Lord.

    Happy birthday, Father O’Callahan. How dear you would be to us now.

    Several weeks ago on a Saturday we brought the altar boys, the Knights of the Altar, to the city to pray the Rosary in front of the big Planned Parenthood death house. It was a bitterly cold day, not uncommon in a New England March. This is a tableau that has been staged since 1973 and all the players were in attendance. We were just there for the day, doing the right thing but passing through. For the others, the good and the evil, this is the order of the day, every day.

    On the dark side, there are the abortion “escorts” who hang around outside the mill, waiting to pounce on the girls who may have second thoughts and make sure they don’t change their minds about their grievous action. There are two standard types-the wizened hags in their 50s and 60s, committed to the bloody business for a long time, as likeable and attractive as Gloria Steinem or Bella Abzug at their best.

     And there are also the teen-early twenties girls who have lived their entire lives wallowing in the American cesspit of moral turpitude. All they’ve ever known is filth, and they are certain that this baby-killing business is about the “empowerment of women.” It’s gotta’ be. Barack and Hillary and Bernie told them so, just as their gender-studies prof told them, just as their high-school sex-ed teachers told them, just as their Girl Scouts and American Girl friends told them before that, and nary a voice told them it was wrong. These girls have been duped from the cradle. Perhaps a few of them will repent before the grave.

    There were also the passers-by, and since this is a city overwhelmingly “Catholic,” they were predictably mocking of the fools praying.

    As the morning wore on, the principals appeared; that is the young women who were to pay some shadowy creature to kill their own flesh and blood. A few walked in in a cavalier manner, probably regulars. But there were others whose story was as obvious as the nose on Bloomberg’s face. One girl was crying, didn’t look at us, being led in by a hulking three or four hundred pound “boyfriend” or perhaps business manager, who had a death-grip on her wrist. No way she was breaking free. Another girl was led in hurriedly by a weak and metrosexual-style boyfriend. She had red hair, maybe Irish. She was also clearly unhappy about what was about to happen, and she looked at us all the way in. Perhaps she recognized the Rosary as a prayer from that old Church she had heard about that existed before she was born. She was regretting this then, and will regret it to the end of her days. Now, again, what was that about “women’s empowerment?” This is the reality of the billion-dollar abortion racket; the best thing that ever happened to these “boyfriends” on the gutter-level right up to the Ted Kennedys and Bubba Clintons. Yes, ladies, you’ve been suckered, in this as in so many other ways.

    There was also, believe it or not, a diocesan priest in attendance, holding a sign that said “Let Me Help You.” I learned that he is there regularly, rain or shine. Yes, one lone priest on the scene of the biggest murder mill in the area, and even if no girl ever avails herself of his help, he’s there doing his job-not marching in pride parades, cheering on Islam, squealing for gun confiscation, or  engaging in any of the other nefarious activities the diocese is notorious for. After a while I spoke to the older lady who does the Lord’s work by organizing the pro-life witnesses each week. She thanked us for coming, was pleased to see young people acting as Catholics, then said,
”We’re still praying that the Cardinal will join us one day…” I bit my tongue but thought to myself “Oh woman, how great is thy faith.”

    Somehow I got on an email list for a “conservative” online news service in Massachusetts. “Conservative” translates to “Republican,” and, truth to tell, the average Bay State Republican leans somewhat to the left of Bernie Sanders. Those in power are strictly of the log-cabin ilk. But perusing the site I saw a couple of items of interest. One was an article by Bozell about a new TV comedy mocking Irish Catholics; dump-heap America’s favorite targets. This isn’t news, certainly, and we can be assured Hollywood’s video feces will prove a hit.

     The other piece was a report that several area parishes had been vandalized over the Easter weekend. The terrorists destroyed a number of statues of Mary-beheaded, hands cut off, spray-painted black. On one was scrawled the supposed Arabic symbol for Allah. A police spokesman said it was too bad this happened during a “holiday season” (evidently these crimes are okay all the rest of the year) but that they were still searching for a motive. Yeah. A real puzzler. The cops are stymied by this one.

     Well, once again, dear readers, need I do the comparison thing? Had a Jewish synagogue been vandalized in some way, and some symbol spray-painted on the building, oh, such as the Arabic one for Allah, or, heavens to Betsy, the one representing National Socialism, the shouts of HATE CRIME! and ANTI-SEMITISM! would rent the air. The press would flock to the scene and the sympathy would flow like a 55-gallon barrel of matzoh-ball soup. In fact, “hate crimes” against Jews, Muslims, homosexuals, and all the other 57 varieties of protected victims in the good ol’ USA are almost always set-ups, pulled off by the “victims” themselves. Isn’t it wonderful what surveillance cameras can reveal?

     The same cannot be said for rampages against Catholics, which are all-too real. I’m not going to bother going into the story of Boston’s anti-Catholic history, harking back to the 17th century. Boston was a center of anti-Catholic violence from day one. But we live in the era of ex-Catholic anti-Catholicism, which is even more repugnant. You see, by the 20th century, the Protestants had already stopped having large families and were otherwise falling by the wayside. The dreaded papists took control of the city and the imperious Cardinal O’Connell kept the State House bacteria in line. It was a great time.        

After he died, however, his red-hatted successors from Cushing to O’Malley have done nothing but boot-lick all who hate the Faith, with predictable results.

     During the malignant Law regime, terrorist strikes were frequent. Churches were broken into and defaced with pro-abortion and pro-sodomite graffiti. No hate crimes there, and when these violations received any coverage at all, the pastors and parishioners invariably feigned puzzlement. “It must have been kids who need help” or, even better, “I can’t imagine who would do such a thing…” Would any Jew happen upon a swastika (even, or especially one he drew himself) and say “It’s just kids engaging in horseplay.” Uh, no, but research paper on ivrs Nostra Aetete  has acted as a lobotomizing agent for both clergy and pew-warmers alike and so they sit, confused, cringing, incapable of seeing or telling the truth.

     The most notorious assault was surely the horrific attack on the 1990 diocesan ordination ceremony, in which analists calling themselves ACT-UP broke into the cathedral, spat on and pelted the mothers of the new priests with condoms, then “simulated” sodomite fornication on the spot. Mayor Ray Flynn (later ambassador to the Vatican) and police commissioner Mickey Roche encouraged the outrages by ordering patrolmen not to interfere with or arrest any of the assailants. The Boston Globe praised the filth. Can you guess? No hate crime there, either, and Cardinal Law naturally didn’t stand up for the victims, didn’t demand legal action, didn’t advise Catholics to start to defend themselves. Dr.O correctly surmised why at the time. Law was trying to keep the lid on his own appalling actions against his own people. Any talk of “reform” under his successor is a farce. To this day, members of the archdiocese enunciate regrets and apologies for the Church’s “hurtful” teaching regarding those who engage in abominable sin. Of course, the savages have only become more abusive and violent over the years. Why shouldn’t they, when so many “Catholics” are on their side? As morality degenerates, oppressors become victims and victims are labeled as oppressors.

   So this Easter Mary statues are wrecked and Vatican II Catholics are still befuddled, and still willing to reach into their own pockets to replace what the haters have destroyed. The Attorney General sees no hate crimes, the cops get a sandwich and the Cardinal is the little man who wasn’t there. The extermination continues.