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    Various doctors have opined that Clinton is suffering from advanced Parkinson’s disease and certainly her symptoms fit the bill, but it could be many things and it’s sure that neither she nor her cabal are going to go against type by telling the truth. But she’s sick alright, sick in body, sick in mind, and, most grievously, sick in soul, which should be her greatest concern. Unfortunately, if forced to confront these truths, Mrs. Clinton would very likely reply “At this point, what difference does it make?”


    Francesco Carletti was a Florentine merchant who traveled extensively in the East in the last years of the 16th century. Like the Jesuits whom he knew well, he was a keen observer and chronicler of the quaint customs of the Japanese. This excerpt is gleaned from research paper on dog fighting They Came to Japan, compiled by Michael Cooper, S.J. (158-159).


    “They have, moreover, another barbarous and cruel custom, which consists of making proof of their scimitars, which they call denver airport conspiracy research paper katana, on the bodies of dead criminals. And so high a value do they place on those weapons which are found capable, as is often the case, of cutting a human body in half, or of severing a leg or an arm at one blow, without showing a notch or a dent, that they will fetch a prize equivalent to thousands of american express research paper scudi, as I have been told. I myself have seen them testing their weapons on the body of one who had been recently executed. In this case the body was taken, as soon as the head had been cut off, and, after being stripped, was placed on a bank of earth, purposely constructed of a length and breadth sufficient to hold the corpse. They arranged the body so that it should lie on its side, and in order to hold it up and prevent its turning round, they fixed it with stakes on this side and on that. Then the chief of the lords, who was responsible for carrying out the sentence, having drawn his media research paper topics katana from its scabbard, and grasping it with both hands, made proof of his weapon by endeavoring in one blow delivered with all his might to cut the body in half, immediately afterwards looking at his blade, to see if it were notched, as it comes in for credit or discredit in accordance with the result and its value is estimated accordingly. And many of them are occasionally so highly esteemed that they are bought for as much as 20 or 30 thousand webster research paper scudi apiece.

    And after the principle lord has made proof of his weapon, many others also, who happen to be present at the same time, test theirs by aiming blows one on the calf, another on the thigh, another on an arm, and the rest where they can, until the body is chopped into mincemeat, being left there as food for the dogs and the birds. And this brings to an end their sport of proving their swords, which among us would be reckoned an impiety fit to make one’s hair stand on end, to use a common expression. But with them the whole thing is carried out as a pastime, without turning a hair, very much as with us the anatomy of dead bodies is carried out in the interests of medical science.”


    The story reminds me of an American knife company (since they don’t pay me to do commercials, the firm will go nameless) that has produced a series of videos showing their products being tested on lumps of meat suspended from the ceiling. “See how well our knives stab and our swords chop!” and indeed, these spots are pretty impressive. My personal fav is a little different-they stuffed a construction boot full of meat then cleaved it in twain with, I believe, a poleaxe. It’s a reasonably convincing display of how the medieval toothpick would perform in action against a human foot. The company, in the squishy spirit of “giving back” to the community, claims to donate the sorely-used sirloin to a local homeless shelter. I am not making this up.

    The Japanese, too, would have seen their practice as a way of benefiting the society. The dogs and the birds were nourished, sword quality-control was maintained and criminals were given a colorful, rather stern warning.

    A few days ago, a buddy asked why I hadn’t been posting on GFABA. I told him fatigue, brother, simply fatigue. Oh, sure, I can always relate some Irish poetry or feature the saint of the day, or even reveal my secret cherry wine recipe, but the flak is just too heavy. When you are clinging to a smashed raft, tempest tossed, prised right between Scylla and Charybdis, a body thinks only of survival. Of course, I refer to the last two month’s worth of anarchy, rape, torture and murder, served up on a silver platter; the “New Normal,” so they say, in this, the de-Christianized West.

     Every time I put sausages to keyboard to address one outrageous outrage, it was superseded by yet another, even more outrageous outrage, before the virtual ink was dry. And sure enough, the droids who compose our government and the other Western governments still can’t put their finger on the villains; it’s all so mysterious, you see, and they really don’t want to jump to conclusions. But we can always fairly accurately anticipate said rulers’ oral spew, can’t we? After one kindly refugee crushed a bunch of Europeans with a big truck while shouting “Allah Akbar,” a French big-wig declared that the bureaucrats were-you guessed it-“shocked!” by the slaughter research paper careers sample du jour. These are the real-life personifications of Claude Rains as the amoral Vichy stooge, Inspector Renault, in Casablanca. A rapscallion he was, certainly, but nevertheless rather charming and not thoroughly rotten. The same cannot be said for the Merkels and Hollands and whatever the name the guy squatting in the White House is using today. Honestly, if the sun comes up in the morning, if the tides rise and fall, if Bill Clinton tears at a woman’s dress, if Christians are slaughtered in ceaseless jihadist rages, should sane people be shocked?

    The point is, Dr.O has thrown up his hands in the vain effort to keep abreast of the Decline and Fall of Western Civilization; I just can’t type that fast. Still, we may try to focus on a few good things, such as the lives of the saints, homemade wine formulas or rebel songs of drinking and blackguarding.

    how a research paper should be “ Up the narrow street he stepped, so smiling, proud and young

research paper in law india       About the hemp-rope on his neck, the golden ringlets clung;

how to write an introductory sentence for a research paper      There’s ne’er a tear in his blue eyes, fearless and brave are they,

materials and methods section of a research paper example     As young Roddy McCorley goes to die on the bridge of Toome today.”

    Another mass killing, another Muslim terrorist behind the trigger and det wires, and the oligarchs are piling on. Still, the Bloombergs, the Hussein-Obamas, the Hillaries, the kosher Bernies have the same old problem-how to blame this latest slaughter, like the last and the one before that, controversial research paper ideas ad infinitum, on white, working-class NRA members? Every act of ramadam-inspired jihad must somehow be pinned, no matter how absurdly, on “lax” gun laws, “racists,” the “gun lobby,” and the “gun industry.” The latter entity, we are told, must cease “writing our gun laws.” That’s a good one. The creatures that write our gun laws are not named Smith&Wesson, but Feinstein, Schumer, Lautenburg, Boxer, Blumenthal and on and on. They all have bodyguards, armed to the teeth with full-auto firearms, but their motto is “Silence, fools! Personal protection for me, but not for thee.” They’re backed up by almost every pea-brained celebrity in Hollywood, a plethora of Big Greed capitalist mega-corporations, and any number of extreme-left “charities” sucking at the taxpayers’ teat. And is there even one Vatican II bishop in the country who hasn’t disgraced himself by crawling into bed with this tribe?

     Of course, not all of these haters are Democrats, oh, no. You see, the conservative Republican Party defines itself by being just like the jackass party, but a little slower. They’re the org mode research paper real anti-racists, the research paper european parliament real supporters of gaiety, the binäre optionen signalgeber englisch real crusaders for dress-wearing men to share the little girls’ lavatory. And of late, they’ve been trying to swear that they’ve always been the euthanasia research paper really real champions of “common-sense” gun laws. How many will try to maneuver themselves “on the right side of history” after this infidel massacre research paper about typhoon sendong du jour?

    As for the NRA, truth to tell, Dr.O has some issues there, too. The organization has always been too weak and timid for my taste. But whenever the controlled media talks about the wealth and power of the “gun lobby,” bear in mind that billionaire Bloomberg, who wants all the cattle of European stock disarmed, has a personal fortune greater than all the dues collected by the NRA in almost 150 years. He can buy and sell every crooked politician in our wondrous “democracy” a thousand times over. Socrates, of the hemlock cocktail, knew democracy well and despised it as rule by the “worst.” I concur.

    It is indeed long past time for some common-sense laws, particularly ones bringing to justice those who have done their damndest to make America uninhabitable for decent people.