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    John Boyle O’Reilly (1844-1890) was an Irish patriot sentenced to death for Fenian activities by the British but the sentence was commuted to hard labor in English dungeons before being transported for slave labor in Western Australia. After a daring escape, he landed in Boston and eventually took over the research paper topics digital image processing Pilot which originally served the American Irish community, but after the publisher was ruined by a disastrous fire, the paper became the official diocesan organ. O’Reilly had four daughters and the youngest, Blanid, was supposed to be his favorite (Do fathers have favorites?). Perhaps it was because she was never well. In any case, John did write a tender ode to this girl. Generally, O’Reilly’s poetry is considered too romantic and old lace for modern readers and is now rarely collected. But being an anachronism and romantic myself, I think this stands up well.



I told her a story, a fairy story,

My little daughter with eyes of blue.

And with clear, wide gaze as the splendors brightened,

She always asked me-“Oh, is it true?”


Always that word when the wonder reached her,

The pictured beauty so grand and new-

When the good were paid and the evil punished,

Still, with soft insistance-“Oh, is it true?”


Ah, late, drear knowledge from sin and sorrow,

How will you answer and answer true,

Her wistful doubt of the happy ending?-

Wise child! I wondered how much she knew.