Pope Innocent XI, that is. Aw, you knew it was bait-and-switch. When the slaves of Allah once more set out to conquer the Catholic West in 1683, The Pope sent an enormous treasure to the defenders of Vienna, desperate to stymie the savage hordes, and, as usual, outnumbered and stabbed in the back by other ostensible Catholics, such as the “Sun King,” Louis XIV. Like that other titan among Popes, Pius V, whom we remembered last week on the anniversary of Lepanto, Innocent had no illusions about those whose very existence is driven by the compulsion to exterminate the True Faith. Today, every day, Catholic children, women and men are murdered by the jihadists,(now rebranded “refugees” and “migrants” by knaves and fools) just as they have been every day since the 7th century. Interested yet? The new Latin Mass has been published and my humble effort this time out concerns the Siege of Vienna and the heroes of that fracas, primarily Capuchin Marco d’Aviano, who thundered against the invaders and, like a genuine prophet, warned that Catholics must defend themselves or die cringing No gutless dhimmi he. Read “Apologies, Atrocities, and a Message From Marco” in the Fall 2015 the Latin Mass. Incidentally, in 1956 Pope Pius XII beatified Innocent XI, but every one of the Vatican II Popes has failed to canonize this holy man, while three of them have been canonized with blinding speed.

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