Dr.O has been radio silent for some time and it has nothing to do with the synod from H. E. double-hockey sticks. I understand some bloggers have been “protesting” the proceedings by refraining from commenting upon them. That’ll really trouble Wally “Milquetoast” Kasper and his Teutonic research paper on mango pulp kamaraden who all seem to resemble 300 lb. tubes of bratwurst. As for me, that boat sailed nigh about 1973. Expecting orthodox teaching on the family from the modernist hierarchy is as futile as ordering a Shirley Temple at a Kennedy compound blowout.

    The Church’s external enemies are stronger than ever, still, the real problem is the cancer within. We’re fifty years down the protestant road, fifty years of unremitting disaster, but laugh, clowns, laugh. Concern yourselves with carbon taxes and soft-pedaling abominable sin. What the Church needs, desperately, is restoration, not “reformation,” and serious Popes in ages past knew that could only be done by firing the worst rogues (a difficult selection, admittedly) and scaring straight the rest of them. In what future century this may occur is anyone’s guess.

    So where have I been if not meandering around Hadrian’s tomb? Working, simply working. My in-pile had overwhelmed my to-do list and something had to give, and the vanity musing is it. I never have understood the dudes posting every day, least of all the blogging priests, who presumably have how to write a research paper in word some duties apart from hawking boutique coffee. Teaching, (non-union, understand) is a job where you are expected to do all sorts of things for “free,” whereas in most professions a breath isn’t drawn without a fee.  One task that I am often asked to do is write recommendations for former students and I certainly don’t mind this, but I try to tailor each letter and give deserving students the best build-up I can. I admit an ulterior motive-I keep hoping one of my protégés makes it big some day and he hands me the keys to a movie studio or the Pentagon. Ah, the things I would do