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    Immediately after the slaughter in a research paper do you cite everything du jour in gay Paree, the “leaders” of the “democracies” read from the same script, as usual. First, they were all “shocked!” This is a good one. Claude Rains where are you now? Since 9/11, privileged elites in Church, State, and Finance have flooded the West with those who loathe its history and laugh at the feckless inhabitants. Encouraged by the regimes, the benevolent “migrants” live off of the tax dollars of their common victims and are supremely confident of victory. And after every bloodbath of the regular Joes (or Jacques as the case may be), the elites who imported, cheer, and enable the killers feign disbelief. “Shocked!” croaks Merkel. “Shocked!” squeals Cameron. Honestly, how can they be shocked by their own plan, unfolding very nicely?

    Every utterance by every oligarch in the past week illustrates their determination to eradicate what’s left of the Christian West. Even before the bodies of the victims cooled, the preposterous character living in the White House loudly proclaimed the agenda for his last year in office-he’s going to pull out all the stops, fight a war to the knife…against working-class NRA members. Yes, law-abiding sportsmen born in America are his terrorists; Crusaders clinging to their guns and Bibles. And Bloomberg, sharing his “values,” buys Americans’ slavery with his billions.

    Every time there’s another bloodletting of infidels, slogans go round to the effect “we won’t be scared,” “we’ll go on as before,” “nothing has changed.” Dr.O finds this curious. Is there how to make significance of the study in research paper anything, ever, that will draw the people’s attention from the game? Granted, how many hoops Marcus dunked last night is of the most vital import, but does the razing of Western civilization rate any concern? Is “keeping calm and carrying on” as usual after last week’s slaughter (and the slaughter of the week before, and the week bef…) a sign of courage and defiance or cowardice and submission? And for those who somehow believe the governments are going to “do something” about this dire peril, I suggest reflection. If Telly as Theo was alive today, he might brandish his lollipop and warn, “Who hates ya’ baby?”