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reference from research paper From mla research paper with footnotes Antwerp research paper topics 9th grade , the 5th day of July 1581


    “In the past days the Calvinists here have wrought much havoc. On the day of St. Jacques they ravaged the Church of Our Lady, the Church of St. Jacques, and the Palace Chapel, as well as the Convent of St. Michel, where up to now the Catholics held their religious exercises and ceremonies, in such fashion that they have wrecked everything therein, with the exception of the organ and a few pictures. They spared nothing and destroyed everything completely. On the 27th day in broad daylight, a captain of the burghers, a painter with sundry artisans went with large hammers and other iron instruments into all the monasteries, chapels, hospitals and other houses of God, in short to every place where there still existed pictures and altars and destroyed them. Many of the wooden effigies were burned in the streets, where the burghers kept guard. Not one person did protest against this, since the rule of the clergy is completely destroyed and at an end here.”


Q: What is the difference between this Protestant savagery and that of the Muslims, from Mohammed to ISIS? 

A: None. Let no liars or fools refer to the genocidal war against Christianity as a “reformation,” or the murdering terrorists as “reformers.”


Q: What is the difference between these iconoclasts and those who have destroyed so many Catholic churches since the 1960s?

A: None. Innumerable altars, altar rails, baptismal fonts, Stations of the Cross, pews, and churches themselves were smashed to please the egos of those on fire for “reform.” Many a statue of Mary was flung in a dumpster in tribute to the “spirit of the age.” The creatures who committed these acts have much to answer for.


    Now the last line of this Fugger Newsletter is instructive. It is true that during the Calvinist Furies which exterminated Christianity in these areas, those who remained Catholic sat cowering in their homes. Either they were so cowardly they were afraid to fight the thugs, or their faith meant so little to them that these rampages were no big deal. The pattern was similar in Germany and England, and, as is well-known, those who were enjoined to defend the faith not merely displayed cowardice but routinely turned Judas. How familiar this all is to us.



    Dr. O feels compelled to say a few words regarding the death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia; man of principle and writing a great research paper dvd series torrent bete noir of the imbecile left. I was gratified to hear that he had a gun in his hand on his last day-out shooting, hit the hay, pass quietly-I can think of worse ways to go. Now there best introduction for research paper are unanswered questions, such as why no autopsy for such a high-profile government figure whose death pleases so many at the seat of power? Oh, sure, his removal creates a fantastic opportunity for obama’s legacy to go on and on for another thirty years or so, but to even suggest that the regime would put out of the way one of the very few serious Catholics with any public influence, well, that just smacks of “conspiracy theory.” Ah, well, I guess everything’s on the up and up, but if Clarence Thomas also suddenly leaves us due to “natural causes” before the election, I’d start checking for Strontium-90.

   Scalia’s death, predictably, has the Catholic haters dancing in the streets, and whenever there is an outburst of raw, unvarnished bigotry spewed against Catholics, there’s no better place to look than once-Catholic schools. Believe me, I know this from close, personal experience. Georgetown Law School, one of Scalia’s quotation research paper alma maters, is in turmoil since a few of the tenured idiots who “teach” there have been sending out university-wide screeds expressing their joy over his death. We might wonder why these fools are given the power to email every last chump with a school account, but it’s the vile content that’s at the heart of the thing.

     The whine I read accused Scalia of being an oppressor, who was against the usual (government-decreed) minorities-women, people of color, the weird sex folks, and so on. I didn’t see the tried and true “anti-semitism” charge hurled, maybe because Scalia was reputedly good pals with Ruth Bader-Ginzburg and maybe because Mel Gibson wasn’t around. You see, the left all read from the same script. To them, a guy like Scalia is an elitist, an oppressor, when in fact there are no more discriminated- against people in this country than guys like Scalia-Roman Catholic males of Western stock who work their way up in this land of injustice. They aren’t supposed to, and everything is rigged against them. For them, there have never been hand-out programs and gimme dat’ entitlements, no “leveling of the playing field” or race-based apartheid schemes to ensure hiring quotas of European-Americans belonging to that despised Church.  Nah.They’re just supposed to pay for it all.

    In fact, the loathing of Scalia is as much about who he was as his Court rulings. For all the ravings of the pygmies decrying “ the damage he did” (another oft-repeated scripted line), by his own admission he accomplished “damn little.” Right. He couldn’t overturn the holocaust ruling, tattoos and piercings research paper Roe v. Wade, nor could he stop the Court from dictating sodomarriage. One man speaking for justice in this country is like trying to empty a cesspool with an eye-dropper. Valiant, but futile.

    Ultimately, “Nino” was enormously successful, not through his vain efforts at the Supreme Court, but with his large and loving family. This is the best any man can hope for. His enemies can’t understand this, but we know.



    Another Mass, another batch of young families. Yes, folks, every time you turn around, there are more young couples hauling the babies, toddlers and pre-teens into the dreaded Latin Mass. Strollers are everywhere. It’s similar in the “Novus Ordo” parishes, except their aisles are clogged by walkers, not strollers. Who was it again? Oh, yes, that sage, humble East Coast Cardinal who famously said “The only ones that want the Latin Mass are a few ‘old people’ in Europe.” First off, who is he to be speaking contemptuously of the elderly? He and the rest of his besandaled and befuddled colleagues lost their first bloom of youth nigh about ’65. But more importantly, the aging Vatican II Church is clearing out, by God’s own attrition. The Summer of Love generation is by this time mostly trying to get a bed at the “Gardens of Elysium” or some other fine facility where “Dance Moms” runs in a continuous loop.

    As for “old” folks in Europe attending the Latin Mass, I’m sure there are some senior bitter enders, God love ‘em, but the story there is the same as here- Christians are sick of the lies, sick of this vile and degrading modernist West, and puppet shows and strummin’ on de’ ol’ banjo are no reproach to the roaches running things.  Decent people see this, and it is no shock that most of them are parents with growing children. What Catholic wants their kids to grow up in this rotting jungle, without a peep being raised against the most horrific atrocities by those who claim to be holy “leaders?” Fifty years of blasphemy and buffoonery, of compliance and accommodation and apologies and backflips on demand have come a’cropper.

   Dr.O’s unsolicited advice?  If your Utopian dreams have failed, as they must, its time to face reality and go back to what works. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. If you’ve broken it on purpose, get away from it, and let some men, some real men, clean up the mess you’ve made. Meanwhile, the "old folks" in Europe and in your town and mine are filling the pews of the Latin Mass, and only occasionally need a bottle or a binky.

    Since Catholics enjoy Christmas far longer than ordinary mortals, I won’t apologize for one last Yuletide post this late in the day; my annual tribute to Bing. At i will write your research paper la casa Dr.O, “Holiday Inn,” “White Christmas” and “Going My Way” are all played half a dozen times during the Christmas season, and we usually watch “White Christmas” on the Fourth of July, too.

    There’s a couple of things going on here. First, an appreciation of talent that simply does not exist anymore, at least not in the miserable things now called movies. You watch Bing with Fred Astaire or Danny Kaye and you are looking at people who know what they’re doing. They can act, sing, dance and crack jokes, and they didn’t get their jobs by being related to Goldblatt and Goldstein, the studio honchos. In “Holiday Inn,” there’s a song “I’ll Capture Her Heart Singing…Dancing…” which plays on the strengths of Bing and Fred, respectively, but the joke is that these troopers were good at everything entertaining. A similar example is Gene Kelly and Donald O’Connor in “Singin’ In The Rain,” particularly the “Moses Supposes” number, which couldn’t possibly be improved. Years late Debbie Reynolds had the integrity to admit she was overwhelmed by being cast with those two, who carried her through the dance numbers.

    In “White Christmas” Danny Kaye fills Fred’s Capezios, but, being primarily a comic, lays the zaniness on thick. His other movies are nearly unwatchable because of all the frenetic gobblydegook, but he and the two girls, talented as they are, are here to support Bing, who’s in command all the way. Every scene in this movie is Crosby career research paper high school students extraordinaire. He glides through the whole thing in the coolest of clothes and the finest of hats. He suffers the schemes of his partner, who, like a Massachusetts state worker on disability, milks a fake injury in perpetuity to get everything he wants. But, he’ll do anything for a pal in the army, whether it’s passing up a date with a showgirl to catch the nightclub act of Alfalfa’s sisters or saving the Vermont resort of a broken-down general. He even retains his dignity after being whacked several times with a giant feathery fan while pretending to be a Hanes girl.

    My favorite scene is when Rosemary Clooney (25 years his junior) meets up with him at midnight before a romantic fire and he croons “When I’m worried and I can’t sleep…I count my blessings instead of sheep…And I fall asleep counting my blessings…” Rosemary is clearly gaga about the old groaner, practically swooning, yet he stands up, walks across the room, and research paper survey methodologies lights his pipe! Now that’s owning the world.

    The other major reason I champion Bing Crosby is the fact that he is widely hated by the ignoramus left. I once found a website entirely devoted to people who despise Bing, and their posts define them. Much of the vilification stems, of course, from the scurrilous screed penned by his besotted son Gary some time after his death on a Spanish golf course. It was in the wake of Christina Crawford’s research paper for information technology students Mommy Dearest blast, and publishers were burning to dispatch some other idol from Hollywood’s Golden Age. The fact that Bing was in his grave made it easy, and the fact that he had an untalented, bitter son who had failed in show business and would do just about anything for hooch money, made it even easier. Gary whined that Bing was a distant, cold father who actually employed corporal punishment on him as a lad.

      research paper on load flow analysis This is scandalous? Bing came from a culture where fathers were expected to discipline children who routinely got into trouble. The boys this society produced won two World Wars, but since the 1950s, the feminized, oh-so-tender-feelings male parenting model has resulted in…well, the dump heap we now live in. At the same time Bing was the biggest star in America he was saddled with an alcoholic wife and a house full of hell-raising boys whom she could not control. It is no wonder that Dad tried to instill some kind of mettle into these kids when he got home. So Gary palmed his 30 pieces of silver, the book people got their how to cite a magazine article in a research paper expose, and Bing’s reputation was permanently maligned.

     The rest of the story isn’t as well-known. Some of Bing’s friends came forward to reveal that the old man had done everything he could to help Gary have a career in show biz. He pulled strings and got Gary jobs, but sonny was a miserable singer and his acting was worse, and he couldn’t make it, even with all of his father’s influence. Then there’s one of Gary’s brothers, who said that he would hate Gary to the day he died for his cowardly betrayal of the man who had done so much for him and was a stern but loving father. Then there’s Bing’s other kids from his second wife. They speak of him in a worshipful manner and the daughter, Mary, claims that Gary admitted to her he just wrote what the publisher wanted him to. So much for the “Hollow Man” thesis. Personally, I remember Gary on “Adam-12,” playing an obnoxious, bully cop. It must be said that he assayed this role perfectly.

    Of course, there’s one other issue here-Bing never renounced his allegiance to the True Church, and papists have never been popular in Hollywood nor America, particularly successful ones. In an interview the daughter said she was glad her father was dead when she was doing things he wouldn’t have approved of (cohabitating, championing the abortion industry, making sleaze movies, and so on). Yes, it is a blessing for Der Bingle that he didn’t have to experience that. Earlier, he had brought his second wife into the Church and in the days before VII, that wasn’t hard to do.

    I had planned to wrap this up with an anecdote regarding Bing and David Bowie, the 70s bi-rocker, and I see that Bowie has just now been reported dead. It seems an irony. The story is this-Bowie once appeared on a Bing Christmas special and the odd couple sang the “Little Drummer Boy” together. Bowie later talked about duets he had done in his career and snickered “Let’s not forget my song with Bing Crosby…ah, yeah, let’s forget about that…”  Well, I’ve thought from that day to this that Bowie was awful ungrateful for the guest shot that Bing gave him on national TV, but even more so, Mr. Bowie would be indeed fortunate if anybody remembers him after a few decades gone. Very likely, in the future, most people will assume he was some guy who designed a big knife. Bing, on the other hand, is firing his pipe and running the show evermore.